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The fan shop for all clubs and artists
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Counteract the shrinkage of the club with fan articles with your own logo

With Grigra's we want to try to counteract the upcoming shrinkage of the club and let club life become cool and up to date again. Non-clubbers (young and old) should realize that belonging and identification with a club is modern and trendy again. They will see this, among other things, when many fan articles with the club's own log are in circulation and accordingly perhaps consider joining the club.
Like you, we are sports enthusiasts and want to help small clubs, their youth work and their supporters in order to relieve and help them.

Central contact point for clubs

Clubs should have a central contact point with our store, where they, the children, fans, sponsors, patrons, players, friends and families can buy their fan articles with their own club logo whenever and wherever they want. Among other things, this leads to more people participating in club life and interacting with each other again. A positive pull is created.
We want to support the clubs in so far that we take work off their hands. You have to spend much less time on organizing fan articles with your own club logo and you can invest your time in other projects.

Fanculture by fan articles with your own club logo

We want to rekindle fan culture on the sports fields and in the halls, so that in the future, at sports events of all kinds, the fan camps are clearly and in varied fan clothing with their own logo and support your team emotionally and in the colors.

Every small club now has the possibility to own a fanshop like Bayern Munich, THW Kiel and all other professional clubs.


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Would you like more information about fan articles with your own logo for clubs?

Then simply contact us by mail, social media or phone.

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