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The fan shop for all clubs and artists
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Grigra's advantages

With Grigra's we want to solve problems for small associations and make association work easier for the ever decreasing number of honorary shamans. We also contribute to making the association more attractive for outsiders. We want to achieve this with a lot of fan articles including club logos, which are worn by club friends in public, in training and at matches and clearly show the club membership and thus the club work bears fruit. Write to us at at.

Your advantages in club work as volunteer worker or member of the board

width: 526px;">less work/expenditure for volunteers of the association
span>Fan articles can be ordered from 1 piece - no minimum quantity for orders & no problems with repeat orders
span>more time resources for other projects
more identification with your club, because more people on the streets/plays with your logo o. ä. running around
identification creates a bond --> less bounce rate
more attractiveness --> higher probability of more club members / increasing membership numbers, as club life becomes more attractive
as sportsmen & volunteers we know exactly how clubs work
we form a central contact point for you
no sporting goods, i.e. no competition with sports shops
no costs incurred for the club
<2€ per sold fan article go to the youth cash box office of the club

association support/names of association work or other activities on Grigra's homepage

SOCIAL MEDIA Activities, competitions, meetings of the association/association work and much more on Facebook and Instagram

Your advantages for the club work as a club person/fan/sponsor/sponsor/player/youth any time
You have access from everywhere
You have access to any device
There are many fashionable variants and colours in different sizes for clothes
Many different accessories and articles for everyday use can be ordered from 1 piece onwards

She is part of the ever-increasing mass

Stylish with the club logo or with other optical eye-catching features Catchern

With great articles for living and on the way
Show clearly for whom your heart beats
In the future you can experience a new atmosphere on matches of your club, because everyone shows exactly who he or she belongs to with the club's fan articles
You support the youth fund of the club
with the purchase of an article. Stay up to date in our social media community on Facebook and Instagram