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Dino Tomic - 9 Styler Art

Dino Tomic 9 Stylers - already legendary

Do you know the face of a celebrity so well to draw it from the head? Only a few people can do that. Dino Tomic is one of those people with such a great talent and proves this in his partly bizarre but also entertaining series of his illustrations in nine different drawing styles.

Dino Tomic has a large repertoire of drawing styles

Tomic uses a large repertoire of recognizable cartoon styles, which he rotates for each prominent drawing. These include the wide-eyed doll face of the "Powerpuff Girls", the angular expression of "Dragonball Z" or the cute, minimalist faces of "Adventure Time". Dino Tomic finds the characteristic features of each celebrity - such as Bob Ross' perm or Robert Downey Jr.'s goatee - and uses them as the basis for building a recognizable cartoon version. In our eyes, the artist reproduces the nuances of television styles so well that every playful cartoon looks as if it was taken directly from the show itself. He brings a fresh look to every drawing inspired by the Simpsons and South Park. In addition, he often inserts an unexpected version into the assemblage, like the geometric faces of LEGO minifigs or emoji faces.

Welcome to a fansite of Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a Croatian artist living in Norway. He is known for his tattoo art and experimental techniques. Follow Dino on his Instagram and Facebook page to stay up to date.

Why can you find products from Dino Tomic on Grigra?

Grigra likes the art of Dino Tomic very much. That's why we want to help him to become even better known, so that he can continue to improve and show his art to an even larger audience.