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The fan shop for all clubs and artists
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Identification & attachment to his club and artist through fan articles with his own logo


With this store we would like to help you to show even more identification to your amateur club, so that you can show your connection to it everywhere with the fan articles with your own logo. em>logo fan articles >/em>, as it is often very difficult to get hold of individual fan articles for >em> amateur clubs. Mostly amateur clubs use centrally controlled large collective orders with minimum order quantities to organize fan articles for spectators, family, players and fans of the amateur club. It can take a lot of time to reach these minimum quantities and finally produce the fan articles. This often leads to various problems with the distribution of the fan articles (sometimes something is missing here, sometimes something is missing there). In addition, especially amateur clubs need at least one organizer for the action, who will take care of it. A big time challenge for a club.

More time for amateur clubs

Exactly that we want to change with this store in the future for you and your amateur club. Here you can buy 24/7 your own customized Fan articles with your own club logo, with which you show identification and solidarity. You no longer have to wait until a minimum order quantity for a single fan article is reached for a collective order to represent your club. fan articles are not only available in one color, but you can choose your individual articles mostly between several colors. If you've had enough of shirts, hoodies and zippers, just have a look at the accessories to see if there's something there that might be right for you to show your solidarity and identification. We also offer a variety of Fan articles for amateur clubs including your own logo. Whether flips flops or caps for the summer, or a stylish winter cap for the cold days. You are free to decide how and with what you want to represent your amateur club and show your solidarity by identification. ORTEILEN of Grigra's