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Dino Tomic - art from dust, salt, sand, water & flames

Dino Tomic - art with water-repellent paint

Dino Tomic is certainly an artist to whom one should pay more attention in the future. He likes to experiment with unusual materials such as gunpowder or dust. He uses water-repellent liquid to paint beautiful pictures on sidewalks, which only become visible when the sidewalk gets wet.

Here dirty cars become real works of art - Dust never looked so great before

Other people drive their cars into the car wash. Dino Tomic rubs his fingers and is looking forward like a little child to make little works of art out of the dirty windows of the cars. Because he creates real masterpieces with his fingers. But the danger of his works collapsing is very high. Even strong winds can be enough to make the dust works collapse. At the latest a bucket of water will do the rest.

Dino Tomic's art made of salt, sand and flames

One lighter is often enough to create art. So Tomic already attracted attention with his unusual selection of painting accessories. He also used salt, sand and flames for his creations. This makes Dino Tomic's works of art all perishable. But you don't have to worry about not being able to look at them. He sketches everything with a pencil. Much of it can also be found in our shop. LINK SHOP

Dino Tomic already worked for Netflix, HBO and Nickelodeon

Dino Tomic already worked for several well-known film studios like z. Netflix, HBO and Nickeldeon. Also various actors and other artists wanted to employ him already. One of the most special things for him was certainly portraying the Norwegian royal family. These portraits are exhibited in the Royal Palace in Oslo. But Dino Tomic never stops and never gives himself a fright. That's why he is still searching for new materials, for example those that can only be seen in the dark.

By injury Dino Tomic got to salt art

The eternally curious and productive artist injured himself by drawing too much on his wrist, so that, to continue creating while his wrist healed, he began to use salt, which he carefully sprinkled from a paper cone or plastic bottle onto a huge canvas and then redistributed with his fingers.

The new medium showed enormous potential, and Tomic soon devoted himself to exploring the possibilities of his new favourite technique with breathtaking results that earned him worldwide recognition.

Drawing with salt is no easy task - because of its incredible attention to detail, his realistic masterpieces made of salt can take many hours and days to complete. But in the manner of Tibetan monks who use colored sand to create beautiful mandalas only to destroy them in one breath a short time later, Tomic regularly inserts videos of him destroying the work he has spent so much time creating, which are both painful and liberating to watch. Take a look at his captivating artwork below!

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