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The fan shop for all clubs and artists
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Über Grigra

My name is Grigra, but often I am also called Timo.

First of all thank you for deciding to browse the store.

With this store I fulfill a little secret dream. Because I wanted to run my own homepage for years and do something constructive with it. Now that it has become something so great in my eyes, I am even more pleased.

Who knows me knows that I am a club person. At the handball club HC VfL Heppenheim I was active as a player for years. Then various serious injuries stopped me and forced me to quit. But since I couldn't do without my sport and my people, I decided to start coaching. After various youth teams and the completion of my C-coach licence, I have been coaching the men's team at HC VfL since 2016 and am a voluntary youth coordinator on the board.

I am one of you and not a businessman

The idea of this store concept was literally a snap idea. In contrast to other schnapps ideas I wanted to realize it this time and started to create the website relatively quickly.
It is extremely important to me that the webstore is designed for athletes, sports fans and everyone who likes sports. The aim here is to be open and honest and to interact with each other in a sporty and relaxed atmosphere.

You can see the result now (which there is certainly still a lot to tinker with).

I am happy about feedback and hope that you find the right product of your club for you.