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Why Grigra's Store?

Why is the store called that?
Because my nickname has been Grigra for years now.

And why not www.fanartikelfü

That would give the store more traffic and attention. But in my eyes it would sound way too boring and straightforward for a fan store and it just doesn't suit me and my character.
/span>/p>/p>/span>/p>/span> I think there is something refreshing and relaxed about the places where fan articles and merchandise are primarily worn. After school, university or job you go to the hall or to the sports field where you can live out your emotions and carefreeness and where you go with joy and above all where you like to come again. It is exactly this unconcerned recurring feeling that I would like to try to convey with the store name, even if it is not understandable for many at first. Because I am just as carefree as the spectators, fans and players of the clubs when cheering, celebrating, pitying and playing.
>Therefore Grigra's Store