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15 advantages of an own fanshop for small & large amateur clubs

A fan shop especially for small clubs or amateur clubs can be of great advantage. Club fan articles provide for attractiveness and show identification to his club. In the public it also makes a good impression and convinces possibly also one or the other person to become part of the new attractive club. A fanshop can also be used as a marketing instrument for clubs.

In total we have listed 15 advantages for you, which we think that your club, club members, family members and friends with fanarticles including club logo will benefit from.

15 advantages for your own club fanshop

1). Volunteers of a small amateur club save valuable time of club work to concentrate on other projects in the future. Board meetings are usually held once every one or two months. It is usually difficult to maintain fan articles and procurement during this valuable time. Therefore a fan article has a massive advantage from this point of view alone and saves a lot of time.

2.) In an online fanshop for clubs you can order fan articles from 1 piece and without minimum quantity. If there are repeat orders, you don't have to go to.

3). For bulk orders you get a quantity discount of course.

4). The club becomes more present in public, because more people carry the club logo or lettering.

5). Wearing a fan article creates identification with the club.

6). Identification creates solidarity with the club. If you are connected to your club, the bounce rate will be lower and the number of members will stabilize.

7.) A fanshop creates a greater attractiveness for outsiders. Club life looks even more attractive and a higher number of members can be expected ;-) The fanshop operators are mostly athletes themselves & volunteers and therefore know exactly how a club and its club life works

9). Fanshops provide clubs with a central contact point for procurement and advice for future fan article projects.

10.) Fanshops are mostly also active in social media such as Instagram or Facebook. That's why the clubs are also named there and are attractive to the young target group in modern social media life

11). As a person interested in a fan article you don't have to go to the gym, to training or to the sports field. You can order your fan articles in Online Fanshop from anywhere, at any time, with any device and at any place in the world ;-) Fashionable fan articles cannot be ordered in only one colour. You can order many different colors and exactly your size to your home ;-) While clubs mainly score points when it comes to club clothing and therefore cooperate with sports shops, online fan shops for amateur clubs are also good opportunities to order accessories such as mobile phone covers, hats, caps, caps and many more fan articles ;-) Be part of the ever growing mass. Fanshops for amateur clubs are becoming more and more attractive. Therefore, as a club the earlier the better you should get in and create your own fanshop ;-) At club matches you can experience a new atmosphere in the future, because everyone shows exactly who you belong to with the club fan articles.