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Support for youth work

We give support to the youth work of your club

2€ for each article go to the youth work!

Grigra's shows the youth work of your association support. Because with every fan article you buy, the youth department of your club benefits with a contribution of 2€.

We are happy to give support to the youth department of your club.

At the end of a season, your club will be shown how many fan articles have been sold by the club. The total amount will then be credited to your club's youth account. Through Grigra's support your club can use the youth work to promote projects or buy training materials. /strong> >/p>

Many small contributions result in a larger contribution at the end of the season, which can help to realize a project of your youth section. No matter if it is for a set of jerseys, balls or training materials, the final amount can be used for everything.
If, for example, a club outing takes place, the amount can be used for bus fare or the entrance fee for an event (e.g. a Bundesliga game or a trip to a leisure park) and the kids can be given >em>support>/span>. Of course, the amount can also be divided and used for many small projects of your youth work. You are free to decide.

Create your own project

Why not work towards something from the beginning and have a goal for >strong>support? Inform your club members, spectators, players, parents and supporters from the outset about which project will be supported with the amount Grigra's has made available for youth work and work with everyone to achieve the goal.

We want to know what you are planning

Your club can decide for itself what it wants to do with the money and where the support should lead. But the support should definitely be used for youth work and not end up in a budget outside the youth! This is what we at Grigra's attach great importance to. Therefore we are happy to hear from you what exactly Grigra's is supporting for your youth.

We are happy to support you with the help of our social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) so that you can use the contributions and publish them on your channels.