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The fan shop for all clubs and artists
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Marketing for handball clubs with the help of a fan shop and fan articles

The marketing of handball clubs is not easy to master. Most of the time there is a lack of helping hands to put your club in the right light to the outside world, to put the club work on healthy pillars.

Handball marketing for the promotion of young talents

Work with young talents is becoming more and more complex and time-consuming. Activating people for voluntary work is also becoming increasingly difficult. For this reason, handball marketing with fan articles is essential to promote young talent. It is clear that fan articles or other marketing projects do not directly promote young talents. However, merchandising or fan articles with your own club logo is an ideal instrument for young people to bind the club people to the club.

Above all, fan articles, whether mobile phone covers, T-shirts, caps, etc., can be used to show the public that club life is attractive and that it is fun and fashionable to participate in it.

Sponsors of small clubs usually cannot expect much in return from a club. Besides a club booklet and banners in the hall, there are only a few other possibilities to get the sponsoring amount back from amateur clubs. For this reason it is certainly an interesting thing for clubs to give the sponsors a nice Goody in form of a fan article of the respective club. So the sponsor can show at matches for whom his heart beats or which club supports. Let's be honest: most sponsors of small clubs are also members, parents or relatives of youth players or active players.