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Association work and association life

Compared to other countries, Germany has a large variety of associations. Almost every second adult is a member of at least one club. association membership, association work and club life have many positive facets. Associations bring people with the same hobbies together and ensure shared experiences and sociability. Also in terms of integration, association work and association life offers outstanding opportunities for everyone.

With Grigra's we want to help club work and club life

More than 50% of club work and club life takes place in sports clubs

Club life takes place in sports, Culture and music, leisure, health, social affairs, school, kindergarten, educational work, environmental protection, nature conservation, animal protection, in politics, church, justice, accident and rescue services or economic self-help. How is the association life and the membership of the association roughly divided up? - 13 percent are members of a traditional and cultural club
- 19 percent are active in a club that helps people in need
- 57 percent are members of sports clubs

Life and work in a club is always connected with teamwork

<Vereinarbeit always means to work in a team! In order for volunteer work to be fun and to organize great activities and other things for all club members, you have to not only work like athletes on the field, but also as an organizational team, and you have to divide the processes involved in volunteer work well. Also here it is extremely important to create a culture in the club. This only works if you actively approach things in order to promote the >em>club life.

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