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Club life is dying out? Wrong! Club life is attractive!

Therefore remember that club life is very attractive and can offer a lot to everyone, but also give a lot to everyone! But there are still enough reasons to join a club. Some of these reasons I would like to list here briefly.

You often don't see it, but clubs do much more than you think

Without clubs there would be much less living together between all of us. No training, no choir rehearsal, no concert in the church or no game in the hall or on the grass.

associations stand for integration

associations take over the integration of people into the association life and beyond that important values are conveyed.

It is mostly the voluntary work that keeps the association life alive. But one will receive gratitude for it. Besides, honorary association work always looks good on the CV.

Many know the situation of moving to a new place and not knowing anybody. Who gives the newly arrived people the first stop and offers the first integration? Right, the clubs in the respective city, which are interesting for the respective person.

Vereinarbeit lets people and their abilities grow

And if it is only small tasks, which one does for the club. You grow with it and possibly develop new skills or get to know completely new skills. Also the character of a person often develops further.

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