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NBA - Buzzerbeater, catching up, Michael Jordan's The Shot and incredible distance casts

My love for basketball, especially the NBA, you may already know. If not, then you should start reading my blog series Mit Interesse am Sport ;-)

Anyway, I found this video on YouTube, which shows me again the beauty and the dramatic and spectacular nature of this sport.

Where else does it exist? A sport where 0,9 seconds can decide about victory or defeat.

NBA Buzzerbeater

Slam dunks are spectacular, dribblings amaze the spectators. But at the end of the game, slam dunks and dribblings are of no use if your team loses the game. Because victories count more than stylish dunks or crossovers, it's the Buzzerbeaters that make the players and all the spectators boil and finally, in the form of a victory, give your own team the victory!

NBA catch-ups

There has already been catch-ups over a whole game, in which one team still turned a point difference of 35 points and won the game (Sacramento Kings 2018 against the Chicago Bulls). But the following never happened and probably never will. Your team is 68:76 behind and there are still 40 seconds on the clock. Your team still wins with 81:80 points and all 13 points are hit by one player. Namely Tracy McGrady! One of the best players in NBA history, if his body hadn't let him down so early in his career, he scored a total of 4 threes (+ 1 And1) and secured his Houston Rockets victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

Michael Jordan's The Shot

The younger ones among you can't remember the throw. But Michael Jordan made himself immortal with this litter the media baptized "The Shot. For it was not just a game winner. It was the Championship Winner against Utah Jazz, who were the eternal rivals of Jordan's Chicago Bulls at the time and who, with John Stockton and Karl Malone, had the most notorious and best duo in the league as stars. For me it is the distance throw of Damian Lillard. For the simple reason that he achieved the almost impossible. Lillard, the franchise player of the Portland Trail Blazers, helped his franchise, in fact, the entire metropolis of Portland to its first series win in 14 years. But they did not win against any team in the playoffs. They won the series against one of the best teams in the league, the Houston Rockets around their MVP James Harden. This in relation is an outstanding performance and simply unbelievably good!

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